The Union County Recorder is Lavinia Brookshire.
The Recorder's office is located on the second floor of the Union County Courthouse.
Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM.
(765) 458-5434 -
The Recorder's office is responsible for maintaining an archive of permanent records concerning business in Union County. Although any document may be permanently recorded in this office, most involve real estate, mortgages and liens.

On-line access to documents recorded on or after August 2000 is available via the Doxpop Recorded Documents service. This is a fee-based service provided in addition to the free public access already provided at the Recorder's office.
The Union County Recorder's office also offers an on-line Property Watch Service provided at no cost to users.

Although all documents are available for public inspection at no cost, copies cost $1 per page. This fee, along with the recording fees noted below support the operation of the Recorder's office and reduce the use of property tax for that purpose.

Recording and Service Fees

All fees are for documents with pages conforming to the following standards:
Page size not exceeding 8-1/2" x 14".
10 point or larger font size on white paper.
20Lb or greater paper weight.
2" or greater top and bottom margin on first and last pages.
1/2" or greater top and bottom margin on interior pages.
No permanently bound or continuous forms.
Documents with pages not conforming to the above standards may be recorded, but an extra fee of $1 per non-conforming page will be charged.

Document Recording:
 Deeds    $16 + $2 per additional page
 Affidavits and Other Documents    $11 + $2 per additional page
 Mortgages    $14 + $2 per additional page 
 Release/Partial Release/Assignment    $12 + $2 per additional page 
 Survey & Subdivision Plats    $20 + $5 per additional page 
 Mechanics Lien (With one return mailing)    $13 + $2 per additional page or mailing
 Any document exceeding 8-1/2" x 14"    $20 + $5 per additional page 

UCC Filings:
Financing Statement or Amendment, 2 pages or less     $9
Financing Statement or Amendment, 3 pages or more      $13
Search, one name     $10
Search, each additional name     $5

Other Services:
 Each Cross Reference of a Recorded Document     $1
 Copy Fee, per page     $1
 Copy Fee, per page over 8-1/2" x 11"     $2
Certifying or Acknowledging a Document      $5